A simple task

10 12 2014

For the betterment of our world I present to you a simple task


That is all, just smile. Smile once at someone. It does not need to be anyone in particular, it does not need to be a big “I love every thing in the world smile” either. Just a small simple friendly smile.

That smile will not slow down your day, it will not be taxed, it will not make you forget where you left your glasses. What it will do is make one persons life just a little bit brighter, just enough that they will feel good enough to pass a smile on to the next person, and somewhere down the line, that next person just might be you.

One little smile, multiplied by a million repetitions, will amount to a huge relief of the stresses of our world and knocking the stress level down will do us all good

Go ahead, give it a go




5 responses

10 12 2014

nice 🙂

10 12 2014

simple solutions for a better place to be
Thanks for commenting

10 12 2014
Geo Sans

wide smiles
my face

10 09 2015
fran greene

That is my favorite thing to do. Simple, easy and it always makes me feel better.

10 09 2015

most excellent, I am glad to see another one

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