The Gift of Beauty

7 12 2014

It`s the season to give – toys, books, electronics, a new car etc…

or, if you really want to show her you love her, give her the gift of beauty.

Send her for some botox, some lip filler, laser skin treatment because really, why should you look like you when you can look like the covergirl on Vogue.

Just recently I have begun to hear a radio commercial where some doctor is pushing his product to send the wife off to get those fine lines reduced.

Ladies, how would it feel to have you husband give you a gift certificate that said “go and become beautiful for me again, your face is no longer appealing to me”?

Is it not bad enough that women have to contend with strangers on the street sexually harassing them on a daily basis? Is it not bad enough that when ever they go shopping for groceries, the last thing they see before the checkout is a magazine devoted to showing what a beautiful woman is? Is it not bad enough that the old boys club still runs the world and that  means that every woman out there is valued at less than 75% of a man, if she is really lucky not to be thought of as chattel? Now, you are going to say to your wife that she isn’t pretty enough without having to subject herself to some males ideal of perfection.

Beautiful, just fucking beautiful.

Women deserve better – give it to them.




2 responses

8 12 2014

and people wonder why women have such a hard time with the way they look and upholding the ideals that the media/society expects of us.

8 12 2014

Thank you

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