The Question

17 09 2014

When I am gone will I have mattered?

Will the things I have done still be remembered?


When I am no more will I be remembered?

Will  the people I knew say oh yes, he was a good man?


When my life has ceased will there be one left that I have touched?

Will someone still be here  to say he helped make me whole?


Those thoughts drive me forward to ensure the answer is yes


authors notes:

another odd mood for writing. Ah well, I am blessed to know I can write my thoughts

down and have people appreciate them




One response

23 09 2014

Yes, yes, yes.
You have touched me and my life to its quick. You have touched many lives and saved one from death. It is unlikely she will ever forget you either. Your children are also likely to forget you and your friends…so many lives you have touched and improved..just by being there

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