We were not found wanting

16 09 2014

It was a dark and stormy night,

really it was

We had been going through an awful storm -11 meter seas for 6 days. The upper decks were out of bounds. If you weren’t on watch, you were in your rack, keeping your stomach where it belonged. An awful lot of crackers and peanut butter were consumed those 6 days because the cooks were all sick
I was pretty lucky, my sea legs (and stomach) were fully intact so I wasn’t really all that bothered by it. The ship wasn’t in much danger so I was pretty calm. I got a few extra bruises but when I looked at the guys on IVs, I had to think I was good.
On the 6th night, I was on the long mids watch – 0030 to 0730- a very long 7 hours on duty but as I was still functional, I got the duty, little to do other than relieve the helmsman every half hour. One more long night of bouncing around in the middle of nowhere. I started my watch with a little prayer to Neptune, asking for his grace to calm the seas.
About 0500, the first hint of light showed up to the east, sunrise was due in 30 minutes. We hadn’t seen the sun in 6 days and then, Neptune answered me- the wind stopped, the waves stopped, the clouds disappeared The ship stopped rocking and there was peace. When Sol peeked above the horizon, filling the sky with her glory, we all looked at each other and knew it was over.
The hatches to the upper deck were opened and the glorious taste of clean air swept through the ship. I stood on the bridge wing and felt the sea breeze wash through me, scrubbing the foulness of below decks from my body. The sky lit up in a beautiful blue and Sol smiled upon us.



the fury washed through us

we passed


This was a rewrite of an earlier post with the addition of a haiku to transform it into a hibun. Yet another form of poetry to work on.  Will it never end?






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