16 09 2014

Once upon a time it meant something

For a man to hold a door for a lady
Not because he was paid but because he wanted to

For someone to give up their seat for another
It cost nothing and gave respite for one who needed it

To smile and greet another on the street
A brief bit of happy to be shared with a stranger

Once upon a time we were less progressed
and yet perhaps we were more civilized

Authors Notes
This morning I was wandering around the corners of my mind and
remembered things that used to be much more common than they are now.



2 responses

28 09 2014

Perhaps the form of our customs have changed – but I wonder if the spirit of kindness has? It is there when I look for it.

28 09 2014

The spirit of kindness has not yet left this world, there are those amoung us that still believe its use. Of course those who find such individuals tend to be people who themselves are ones to keep the spirit alive

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