Hell Is

5 07 2014

Hell is
Being alone in a crowd
Everyone speaking but not to you

Hell is
The noise of another
They speak but you can not understand

Hell is
The touch of another
Held back from your skin

Fire and Brimstone
These things are naght
Take me away from you, that is what
Hell is


This was written for a contest at allpoetry.com


Heaven and Hell

Have you seen Heaven or Hell?
Not metaphorically, but literally…in a dream, in a vision?

If you have not … then what do you think heaven or hell would be like?







2 responses

6 07 2014

i am not sure. I try not to think about it. I think sometimes life on earth is hell – some religions believe this. but, I do not know. i will say that you have described it is ways that I can understand, feel and see. xx

6 07 2014

We are social being, we need that touch with another. I do not subscribe to any particular religions view of heaven and hell.
I have been in hell as I have described, and I have experienced heaven. To me Heaven is an event when there is someone beside you, to hold your hand, to take you from the hell you are in.

Be well

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