We’re back where we started — here we go round again

20 03 2014

I tend to get very heated under the collar every time I hear the words Quebec and Separate in the same 30 seconds. Recently I have had more than one person point out that if I just laugh and realize that it just isn’t going to happen I would have fewer gray hairs fall from my balding spot

So I will snicker. Pauline Marois is either very deficient in the grasp of reality department, or she knows this is all crap and is just doing it for shits and giggles.
Eventually she, and all those like her will have a look at the licence plates on their cars “Je me souviens” and they will remember that they lost on the Plains of Abraham.
The FLQ lost in 1970
The BQ lost in 2011 (in a really spectacular way)
Pauline Marois – the people of Quebec are Canadian, just like the rest of us. They like being Canadian, just like the rest of us. If you don’t want to be Canadian, I have a very simple solution – leave. Pack your bags and find somewhere else to live out your happy little delusions – the rest of us are tired of you wasting our time and money

And I still think so

marois 2

Saw a snippet on TV of a comic I didn’t really know who was performing in Montreal. He said, “So, here I am in Quebec, or ‘Practice France’ as I like to call it.”

And in all of this I am reminded of the old Kinks song, “Here we Go Round Again.” Because it seems that the premier of Quebec, one Pauline Marois – you may have heard of her, she’s the one accused of being an ethnic bigot and even things less polite – of the Parti Quebecois (don’t expect accents from me, my computer doesn’t do default accents and I can’t be bothered sticking them in, OK? — has trotted out that tired old hobbyhorse of separatism once again. Quel yawn.

levesqueNo, at one time Canadians in the ‘rest of Canada’ used to buy into this as a threat. They saw old chain-smoking Rene as a kind of…

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