One Big Family

14 03 2014

The political climate here in Canada has been a continuous bickering of 12(13) political entities for decades. Well, the bickering has gotten louder again from the province of quebec, again. Today I got all hot under the collar about what the premier is spouting off about how great their economy is and that quebec would do well as its own country and, and, and…. at nausea.

I read a post responding to an article about this latest round of that suggested we should arrest the premier of quebec for treason. Hey, what a cool idea. While driving to work this afternoon, a somewhat calmer voice suggested that I was out to lunch and to get with the program. We (as in Canada) are a democracy and we have the freedom to express our opinions. We really are one big family.

One big family, hmmm, a direction I hadn’t looked at before. Well, as a member of my own family unit I sat down and thought about how I have handled life within my own family unit. As a parent, it is my responsibility to give my kids all the support and knowledge I can to help them function as adults. As they mature, I have stepped back a bit at a time to give them the opportunity to do for themselves. As they have done for themselves, I step back a bit more to give them more personal responsibility.

So, moving back to the big family known as Canada, one of the individuals in this family believes that they are ready to step out and be an adult in the world. The premier of quebec said we are good, our economy is good, we could do it (just let us use Canadian currency). Okay, so to those in quebec who think this would work for them, let me give you something to think about.

Every year the Canadians pay their taxes to the Canadian Government and from there a large chunk of it gets put into a pile for “Equalization” payments. These payments are to help the less rich members of the country to be able to provide basic decent care of its citizens. Last year this pile of money was about $15 billion of which $7.4 billion went to quebec – that is half. (these are figures as reported by the Toronto Sun on 14 Mar, 2014) This “Equalization” payment is only one of many little tidbits that are given to quebec and every time  quebec whines about wanting to separate from Canada, they get more.

quebec, you think you can make it on your own, you think you are a big kid now. Fine, start acting that way. Canada will let you be all grown up and on your own.

Give Canada the $7.4 billion Equalization payment back and we will stop sending you more

When you get there, let us know and then we will talk




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