What Kind Of Man Have I Become?

11 03 2014

Today I hit my 1000th post for John Looks Out on Life

so I have decided to go back an look a bit at my journey to see what I done

Oct 9th, 2011 at 1753 began  with this post

Beggar on the street
Pity me they cry
I am helpless and unclean
I have no fortune
Pity me they wail
The world has past me by
I have no hope
Why should I pity
you can wash, you have to give
give out and receive

Over the past 30 months I have worked to tell my view of the world as I see it. The majority of the poetry here have been either Haiku or Senryu and I have enjoyed them all. Sometimes the inspiration has come from walking to work, or a song title or about my idiot boss who wants….

As I made mention on my About Me page, this poetry stuff is all my dads fault (ps – thanks dad). He was always big on writing stuff down and for me to learn something new. At the time, Haiku did not seem like something useful to know – hey, I was 15 at the time, too many hormones and too few active brain cells. Ah well, 30 years later I clued in and started enjoying putting words together.

Some of my poems are what is bubbling up inside me; the darkness, the pain, the joys, the simple pleasures
Some of my poems are simple descriptions of things; the sun, the earth, a bowl of pudding
Some of my poems start out as something simple but end up being a very thought provoking topic for someone. I have had more than one person comment back about how cool that poem was and it made me feel ….. I look back at what I wrote and go “hmmmm, I was writing about watching a cruise ship being docked.”

Over the next week or so I am going to go back and re look at my past work to see what I have done. Already I have seen a few real beauties that have merited re posting. One of these days I am going to collect them all up and make a book.

Last thought for this reflection. What makes a successful poem? I cross post some of my work to other sites and I have been asked this question and also “how do I critique this? what should I say?”.

What makes a successful poem? For me, success is measured by 1 criteria – did it make you feel or see or want something. Did you feel like you had to say something to me about what you just read. be that good bad or indifferent. I wrote an erotic poem on another site and one person just went ballistic on me about how trite and immature it was. He wrote a page about how awful it was. After I had though about what he wrote and re read my poem I thought “WOW, he got worked up about that. How cool can life be?” As it turns out, there were about 15 others who commented on that poem and they all loved it.
That poem was a success.

“How do I critique this? what should I say?” Tell me you liked it, tell me you didn’t like it. Tell me I spelt that word wrong. Tell me you liked this word but would have preferred a different word there.  Leave a smilie in the comment box. Say thank you and move on to the next page. Any feedback is a valuable token to me – it shows I have touched someone and really that is all I need to know I am progressing

What Kind Of Man Have I Become?
A poet
That is what I have become
To all you who have supported me on this part of my journey, Thank You.




One response

18 09 2016
fran greene

I love this reflection.
Very thoughtful, and wise.

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