The Value of Meaning – repost from Nov 2012

10 03 2014

Bigger, better, faster, MORE

the TV add screams at you again

you must have it, you need it

your life has no meaning until it is yours


blindly arms go en mass

to fill the emptiness left by the add

to be filled

to be completed

to have meaning given to them

the only goal they seek

they believe what is told

and yet, inside they know it is wrong

still, the add must be obeyed



the store is left

the meaning acquired

arms full of meaning

they walk away



a man on the sidewalk

he sees the arms walk by

arms full of meaning

he looks at his arms

they bear no meaning

they have nothing to bear

but his hat



the hat is held out

the hat has hope

hope for a loose coin

a coin can acquire a moment of warmth

a moment to hold a cup of food



the arms full of meaning pass by

they have nothing to give

they can not see the hat

they will not see the hat

the hat frightens them



one day will the arms full of meaning will be no more

will they too be empty

having nothing to hold but a hat

a hat of hope



who will be one to fill that hope

when there are more hats held than not

when there is nothing left to give meaning

remember this when the add screams at you

there is no value to be acquired in a store

the value of you is who you are, not what you have

your value increases as you give who you are to others



who am I to preach to you


I am the arms full of meaning




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