27 02 2022

her will overcame my doubt
to be seen

[free falling]

26 02 2022

free falling

into a haystack

needle found


26 02 2022


one tree in a field

at dusk

[children at play]

26 02 2022

children at play

an army of snowmen

amongst the flowers

[a fleeting surge]

23 02 2022

a fleeting surge

he has energy to start

and leave unfinished

[flying Vs above]

17 11 2021

flying Vs above

snarled traffic on the street

the honks deafen me

[frog croaks for a mate]

17 11 2021

frog croaks for a mate

through the mist comes a reply

morning symphony

[pushed hard to succeed]

17 11 2021

pushed hard to succeed

perfect test results each time

died without a friend

[bore hole in the ice]

17 11 2021

bore hole in the ice

he throws a log in the stove

to cook up his catch

[the last tree is felled]

17 11 2021

the last tree is felled

a homeless deer looks to see

new homes being built