26 10 2016

night terrors
as she closes her eyes
they muster

anger applied nightly
no love

silence shattered at three
no sleep

heart pounds
lost in the dark forest

from between the trees

firm hand
He anchors her to his side
terror fades

from the far past she speak
demons laid bare

calm strength
His will draws out the fears
peace falls

she sleeps
a fortress of safety
in His arms

Mrs Lovett’s Pie Shop

26 10 2016

For those of you who not been to Fleet Street in some time, Mrs Lovett makes the most delectable pies in London –  just the thing to hold in one hand and savour as you walk down the street.

Long gone are the days when such enterprises were common. Today you wander into McDonalds, or Taco Time or any number of other fast food locals and you wander out with something that more or less resembles food. You are never quite sure what is in it and personally, I really don’t want to know anymore. Sometimes it is just best to acknowledge that you really shouldn’t be eating it and carry on with your “meal”. Oh for another time when you could wander into a shop and walk out with a warm bit of savoury goodness…..

And then it came to be. Here in Victoria two such places have popped into existence

SaltChuck Pie Company at 360 Bay St, Victoria and Victoria Pie Co at the Victoria Public Market, 1701 Douglas St.

Both locations serve fresh, baked on site, handheld bits of heaven. You can ask what is in them and be told of ingredients that you know. The best part is, these pies are about the same price as you would pay for a Big Mac.

The next time you have a hankering for a bite to eat when you are out and about, give one of theses two places a try – your taste buds will thank you for it.





24 10 2016


the daily grind

saps his will


24 10 2016


going through the motions


[a tender hug]

16 10 2016

a tender hug

before the end of days

a moment of love

[painful dark]

15 10 2016

painful dark
the strength of a smile
brings the light


11 10 2016


unknown evil