[sterile ground]

28 09 2016
sterile ground
the season of hate
grows no flowers


28 09 2016

another day with friends
alone at the bar

[fancy feast]

27 09 2016

fancy feast
gathered around the table
feline grace


27 09 2016

each person’s supply

[ between day and night]

26 09 2016

between night and day

the eternal struggle

lines on the sand

Airport Oasis

25 09 2016


I’d stop for this!
Philadelphia Airport
Thanks to Basia Miller!

The above is from Miriam’s Well

I saw this and had to respond with

for the voyager
a small oasis of peace
inside the chaos



[grains of sand]

25 09 2016

grains of sand
speeding through an hourglass
a life in review