Two scarves

12 01 2019

So here are the two scarves for the two little ladies. Now the mother can have her scarf for herself. I really like how you can pick out patterns in both the warp and the weft




[naked loom]

11 01 2019


naked loom

boat shuttle on the floor

feels let down

[dread for the future]

10 01 2019

dread for the future
from behind her secured head
the snap of a belt

Fluff goes in, sliver comes out

7 01 2019


This was my morning today. This is a BFL (bluefaced Leicester) fleece that I worked on.

On the left is the fluff, just out of the opener. On the right is the sliver coming out the other end. In the middle is The Dutchess, a 150 year old carding machine. It sure is great being able make stuff at work and then go home and make that stuff into more stuff.

Life is pretty darn good



[broken limb]

6 01 2019
broken limb
assessing the damage
from the storm

[she asked]

5 01 2019

she asked
unsure of her fate
she waits

[fleece on the floor]

5 01 2019

fleece on the floor
a less fuzzy sheep
plays in the field

Today is going to be fun, heading out to a sheep farm to participate in a shearing. Just so long as they don’t hand me the shears, I am good