[wave back]

27 05 2020
wave back
simple courtesies returned
smooths the trip

[keys lost]

23 05 2020

I am sure a hobbit lives in my room, a sneaky invisible prankster. Yesterday I lost my keys. I knew I had them but an hour ago and then they were gone. I searched everywhere and still they were gone. My emotional roller coaster took a 75 degree dive and all was bleak.
Fine, they are gone, I give up and will carry on
Then they reappeared

keys lost
forever gone my precious

[white noise]

22 05 2020
white noise
he flips through his thoughts
coming up blank

[the forest is lush]

17 05 2020
the forest is lush
after three days of rain
an overfull creek

[yesterday’s ghosts]

15 05 2020
yesterday’s ghosts
battle with today’s needs
facade grows thin

[goose bumps]

15 05 2020
goose bumps
early morning breeze flows
through the window

[night symphony]

14 05 2020
night symphony
a chorus of frogs
lulls me to sleep