[chained to the shore]

21 07 2020

chained to the shore

her destiny rushes in

on a rising tide

[her demons]

21 07 2020
her demons
beaten into submission
a soul at peace

Where do electronic dreams go to die?

19 07 2020
Under one of the great laws of physics, neither energy nor matter can be destroyed, it changes from one form to another.
The garbage we throw into the ocean doesn’t just disappear, it is all collecting into huge garbage patches all over the world. One day I am sure those patches will turn into floating islands, or worse, into some sort of creature.
Getting back to electronic dreams. When data is sent through the internet, it is broken up into small packets. Each packet is has a destination address and a originating address. What is supposed to happen is that Computer A sends a request to Computer B, asking for a bunch of data. Computer B finds the data, breaks it up into a bunch of packets and then fires the whole lot to Computer A where those packets are re assembled into the requested data. Some times between Computer B and Computer A, data packets get lost – where do they go?
Is there some great pile of data packets some where in a Google data center? If so what are those packets doing, just floating about bumping into other data packets? What happens if a couple of them stick together, and then a few more? There are a lot of folks out there right now working to create an Artificial Intelligence, god help us if all of those lost packets beat us to it.
Thank you for attending my doom and gloom Ted Talk


12 07 2020


held fast against the storm

by their vows

[her knuckle]

12 07 2020
her knuckle
deep in that knotted muscle
painful pleasure

[morning symphony]

11 07 2020
morning symphony
momma robin feeds her young
outside my window

[the right touch]

11 07 2020

the right touch

applied with a loving hand

rosy butt cheeks

[come closer]

10 07 2020
come closer
she beckons with a smile
lust triumphs

[hushed song]

3 07 2020
hushed song
a songbird in her nest
as night falls

[one man]

3 07 2020
one man
divides a nation