One Year

11 03 2018

One year
Of smiles
Of laughs
Of tears

One year
We learned
We taught
We dreamed

One year
Life we could not have imagined
Came to be

Looking forward
To the wonders waiting for us
Next year

To the lady who said “I do”
Last year


[peaceful sleep]

11 03 2018

peaceful sleep
limbs akimbo on the bed
my raven

[sun baked street]

10 03 2018

sun baked street
an eagle riding thermals
looks for lunch

[failed life]

2 03 2018


failed life
collected on the pavement
baby trees

[broken glass]

27 02 2018
broken glass
a trail of blood
tells a tale

[soot and oil]

27 02 2018

soot and oil
applied with a soft brush
my boots are black

“Fuck you, I like guns.”

24 02 2018

Who better to say this then one who has been there and done that

Anastasia Writes

Edited to add: I can’t thank you all enough for interacting with this post. I am actually surprised that it’s become this popular. This is the first time more than ten people have read anything I’ve written here. I’m probably going to turn off commenting soon because everything that can be said already has been. In general, I’d like to point out that this is an opinion piece. I wrote it on a 15 minute coffee break and posted it unedited. It’s raw, and that’s the whole point. The tone, the language, and the style are intentional. This was written for people like my mostly conservative Army buddies who will never click an article that is titled “Gun control is your friend”, and tend to assume those who support such legislation have never seen a gun before. I’m not a professional writer, nor a particularly prolific blogger until about three…

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