[troubled sky]

19 02 2017

troubled sky

fields of daffodil stalks

wanting pickers

18 days

18 02 2017
It has been 18 days. Time enough to know that things must be attended to. Long ago, how easy was it to empty a drawer , today not so much. I remember when I bought that skirt, and how beautiful you looked when you tried it on.
My only joy today is that another will look as lovely when she puts it on
empty drawers
from you to another
the love is passed


18 02 2017
they both stepped forward
two paths joined

[pre dawn]

18 02 2017
pre dawn
before the city wakes
he wanders


16 02 2017

watering the garden
tears for the lost


15 02 2017

without a breath of joy
he exists


14 02 2017

morning coffee fights against